Pinebook to Pinebook Pro-esque upgrade kit
hi, MtnSk8.  Yep, I've thought about this.  Maybe.  Gotta do something with it!  (See above about my spouse. Smile )

Hi, ludix.  Welcome to the forums.  I hope you'll pardon me for only replying to part of your message.

(04-02-2021, 09:49 AM)ludix Wrote: If you couldn't use the OG PB  you won't have much need for the Pro anyways, but that's your decision.

The PB 1080p has some pretty major limitations that Luke is aware of.  I reckon that is why he tried to do the upgrade kit.

I did use it a lot, running anarsoul's work.  The PB is a good-enough ssh client.  But, not as fast for that kind of work as ConnectBot running on a (nice, for the time) 2014 android tablet with a bluetooth keyboard.. Sad

Anyone who is reading this...  I guess that I just want an engineer to respond to me.  Is my screen the same size as the pinebook pro screen?  Are the screws in the same place?  What about the battery?  Is anything reusable?  I asked questions along these lines back in 2020:

Meanwhile, I wasn't joking about my interest in the prototype upgrade kit. Smile  I'll do something about the heat.  N.B. my pinebook 1080p won't be flat anymore..  But that's OK, for me.

While writing this, I searched up some old emails, and I see this:

I ordered my PB in April 2017, paid for it in September of 2018, and it arrived in August of 2018.

...I guess in that context, who cares.  I had some fun, time to move on.

Regarding 'entitlement'.. well, my understanding is that before the Pinebook, Pine64 only had single board computers..  The market for arm-based laptops turned out to be pretty big, and it put Pine64 "on the map", as they say.  I think it is fair to say that without us OG PB buyers, the Pine64 company would not exist in its current form.  And I helped.  I'm proud of that.

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