Cancel my order & give me a refund please
The USB power supply is definitely working, I get the red LED on the Pine and it powers other USB devices I have. But that's it – the Pine doesn't seem to do anything besides have a red LED. No booting, no video, nothing.
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Hmmmmmm.......Which image are you trying to burn and boot?
Are you sure your HDMI is plugged in all the way? I know it sounds like a stupid suggestion, but I was banging my head against a wall for nearly an hour trying to figure out why mine wouldn't work when I realized it wasn't properly connected. The ports can be a little tough, I didn't end up pushing it in all the way because it seemed like I was using too much force. Check your monitor / TV are hooked up properly too.
One other thing, you have probably already checked but just in case:  There is a jumper on the board to set power input as either battery or DC5V.  Mine was set on battery from the factory, make sure it is set properly.

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