Strange Battery Pecentage Issue
On the default Manjaro the battery pretty much works as expected (it doesn't charge all the way to 100%, but in the 90's, and my old laptop also did that so it doesn't concern me.)

However, I've noticed booting into Android afterwards causes the battery percentage to behave unexpectedly. Earlier today, I was at ~85% in Manjaro, but after rebooting into Android, I noticed the percentage showed 75% with 1:41 remaining on the battery. I continued to mess around with Android for a while, and eventually the percentage rose to 76%...with 1:41 left on the battery. I rebooted into Manjaro and the percentage read 69% (and stayed there for a while,) and at one point while web browsing it said I had 34:44 left on the battery (yeah.......)

Is Android messing up the battery calibration or something? My guess is that is that Android caused the battery percentage to be set lower, and the percentage was frozen because the battery had to catch up to that number.

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