No sms on 4g
(09-16-2020, 02:02 PM)jjs Wrote: all of a sudden about a month ago my SMS stopped working. I am able to send, but not receive. I've tried all the tricks of clearing out old messages in the modem and nothing seems to work. I tried posting in the matrix channel too and haven't gotten anywhere. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. Maybe its time to give PostMarketOS a shot.

Update: I completely re-installed the OS and still ahve the same issue. So I'm wondering if there is something in Chatty or ModemManager that changed and is causing the problem. Does anyone here use Verizon Wireless in the USA that can receive SMS messages?
 ON T-mobil in the U.S. I have had some problems with SMS. It turned out that other T-mobile (non pine phone people) were having problems with receiving their texts.  They were able to send, but not receive. So on that end I called T-mobile a couple of times. It was difficult explaining Pine Phone to them, but I also knew other Android phone owners were having problems. So, the work was on T-mobile.

I have had my sms working since although not always sure when something that didn't go out will get sent out eventually, or if it would just get dropped.  so i would continuously do self test, sending myself texts. my last update, 9-15  I actually got a message, in purple, that said the message did not get sent out.  Progress!  But, all that I had typed had disappeared. so, now I try to copy my sms before sending in case it gets that purple message again.

Hope yours work out.

*my PP is the un modified UBPort CE. I usually have 4G signal showing, but the preference is for 2G, 3G, 4G, as recommended. Mobile Data is great. No MMS, though that seems to be the same issue for many a phones these days.

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