August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
....cannot predict when you will receive your device,  I  ordered one PMOS phone on July 15th, then I ordered a second one on August 15th, when Luke mentioned they were "almost sold out of phones"
Early in September DHL reported both phones had left Hong Kong,  then when they reached US Customs in
Los Angeles, California.  DHL reported when both left Los Angeles....
But from then on they only tracked one of the phones, they did both arrive very quickly (together) however :
they only reported one as being delivered. ?  -  ?  (September 3rd)
While visiting the Pine Store looking at parts & accessories, I looked and saw the status of the Pine phones had
changed from being "Out of Stock"  to they had the standard Community Edition PMOS "In Stock" Again. !
This was September 6th,  what the heck I decided to buy yet another...  after-all comparing OSes is easier
'side by side'  rather than stop and change everything,  right ?
  I am hoping for a shorter wait this time as the opening of the Manjaro sales is less than 2 weeks away....

I have a large family and a few of my sons are interested in these phones so none will go to waste when
I am done testing them.

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