August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
Thanks to @tllim for sharing more about the shipping process in the rock64 channel!

For people that have ordered the PinePhone with the European shipment, the service which will be used between the warehouse in Poland and the final address will be DHL.

Lots of additional information about the process:

Quote:Pine Store using bulk shipment method and can only ship batch by batch on the battery operated devices such as Pinephone, Pinebook Pro, and PineTab, except Pinetime. This limitation due to such battery operated device needs to ship from Hong Kong, needs pass custom declaration and currently also limited by close border between Hong Kong and China due to pandemic. For non battery operated order such as SBC, shipping team able to process twice a week and ship out from Shenzhen, China. For PineTime, due to small battery, EMS currently allow us to ship out from China but express ervice such as TNT and DHL, no accept such shipment in China.

[7:05 PM]
The Hong Kong and China close border severely limit shipping staff to Hong Kong and hence the battery operated order can only handle in batch way [Image: 08b9e24092ee146b9e071e89049c1055.svg]

[7:08 PM]
originally we think the close border can be lifted on July but based on current pandemic situation, the border still close at least till next year.

It's very detailed and well laid out :)

If I understand correctly, I won't receive notice for at least a few days from DHL as the PinePhones would have to go through Hong Kong in batches first (batteries/ customs/ limited border flow), then reach the warehouse in EU and then it would be processed for the final destination with tracking number.

It will take awhile before I get something in my email and this perfectly fine. My Convergence package is on it's way ;)

Thanks again to Pine64 staff and everyone involved for making such great devices and being so open towards the community!

PS: Apologies if I misunderstood something. The process is complex and could be changed along the way for all I know.

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