August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
(08-24-2020, 02:24 PM)Luke Wrote: Pinebook Pro (with Manjaro KDE)
[24 August] The first round of ANSI Pinebook Pros will begin shipping tomorrow, August 25. The ISO units may ship as early as August 28 (Friday) or as late as next week (31 Aug.- 5 Sep.). Once the units get picked up it will take some time for them to actually leave Hong Kong. Once they depart Hong Kong - depending on where you are in the world and how / if DHL handles import tax in your country, shipping will take between 5-10 days.

This is SUPER exciting news! I know from personal experience that anything coming from HK can take a while to reach Boston, but just the fact that the units are beginning their journey is awesome to hear Smile

Thank you to everyone involved for all your hard work. I am sincerely looking forward to getting mine Smile

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