August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
@PakoSt all phones destined for Europe using regular shipping will arrive at the EU warehouse at some point soon (don't have the exact insight). There they'll be processed and shipped out to their final destinations.

@Riksu9000 The European redistribution center is only used for PinePhones at this time; we're basically testing the concept. Pinebook Pros will, for the time being, only use DHL which is a different shipping method altogether. All Pinebook Pros ships directly from Hong Kong.
As for the 'remote location fee' - this isn't something we determine, so if I were you I'd ask DHL about their reasoning.

@bcnaz Can't speak for the shipping team - since I don't know the ins-and-outs of the on-the-ground operation - but I believe that they figured out the best way possible to ship everything within the original time-frame. The shipping situation is still very difficult (no, not writing this as an excuse, just to let you know) since HK-China border is still very much shut-down.

For posterity, this is the current shipping process we need to adhere to: gear gets packaged AND labeled at factory in mainland China -> loaded directly onto truck heading for Hong Kong (driver has special Visa permitting short term entry) -> all gear unloaded at warehouse in Hong Kong and immediately picked up for shipping by postal and courier services. Its a strict process with zero margin for error.
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