August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
(08-24-2020, 03:54 PM)Riksu9000 Wrote: About this European distribution thing for the Pinephone. I was contacted by "Pinebook team" a couple of days ago telling me that my shipping address is located in a remote area. According to them, shipping with DHL Express to my location would cost $55 in total. Needless to say I'm quite disappointed and felt like I should mention it here, since talking with "Pinebook team" didn't prove useful.

I just want to mention that I had the same DHL "remote area" issue with my PineTab order, that the support team brought to my attention, and it was resolved within two days.

They emailed me about it, I replied with three alternative addresses to try to avoid the extra charge, they confirmed all three alternative addresses were not considered "remote", I then confirmed the preferred address, and they updated it for me so I didn't get charged. 

The longest part was the replies due to the timezone difference.

I'm sorry you didn't have as good of an experience. I do wish this was something that I could have worked out before placing the order, as it got be nervous that my PineTab was going to cost 50% more because of the "remote area" charge. All the best.

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