August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
General shipping information
[24 August] Shipping of all devices is about to start. I'll make sure to keep you up-to-date on the shipping progress in the coming weeks.
I have a kind request to all of you waiting for your gear; please be patient and don't email support/ info to find out when your device will ship - ask in this thread instead. If support and sales drown in emails, then people who are facing actual shipping/ import problems will have to wait longer to get their queries answered.
Thank you!
[5 September] I posted some pictures of the PineTab, Pinebook Pro ISO and PinePhone (Europe) shipments on our Twitter. These are just crates ... so, perhaps not super exciting, but if you want to check them out then click here.

Pinebook Pro (with Manjaro KDE)
[24 August] The first round of ANSI Pinebook Pros will begin shipping tomorrow, August 25. The ISO units may ship as early as August 28 (Friday) or as late as next week (31 Aug.- 5 Sep.). Once the units get picked up it will take some time for them to actually leave Hong Kong. Once they depart Hong Kong - depending on where you are in the world and how / if DHL handles import tax in your country, shipping will take between 5-10 days.
[28 August] Some of your should have already gotten your ANSI Pinebook Pro shipping notification, and indeed some should already have received their units. Expect more notifications over the weekend and start of the week. As of today, everything is on schedule and going smoothly. Expect next update on early next week.
[3 September] More Pinebook Pros - including most if not all ISO units - will be on their way soon. DHL shipping notices should be going out by end of this week.
[5 September] ISO Pinebook Pros are awaiting DHL pickup
[6 September] Pinebook Pros are now shipping. If you haven't received your notification yet, then you can expect it within 48hrs.
[21 September] Pinebook Pros keep will keep on going out in smaller batches until they sell out completely. Currently only the ANSI units remain in stock.
For more details related to Pine Store PBP stock please see this month's Community Update.

PinePhone (postmarketOS CE)
[24 August] Both regular and express PinePhones pmOS CE shipments are scheduled to start shipping tomorrow, 25 August. Following our problems with shipping the UBports batch, we're now using a different 'standard shipping' service. Since we haven't used this service previously means that I cannot give you an estimate how long the parcel will take to reach you. However, my guess is that shipping ought to take 14-25 days, depending on your geographical location and other factors.
For those of you in the Europe, please be aware that we're trying out a completely new shipping/ distribution process in this territory - I'll keep you updated on how it goes once it starts.
DHL shipments, once they leave Hong Kong - which may take a couple of days - should arrive within 5-10 days regardless of your geographic location (depending on import procedures and customs in general).  
[28 August] The pmOS CE PinePhones have left for our Hong Kong warehouse on the 26th and are now awaiting DHL and Standard shipping pick-ups. I expect that people should start receiving their shipping notifications over the weekend. Everything is on schedule and going well so far. Expect next update early next week.
[31 August] Some of you should have already received your DHL shipping notifications - more are coming in the next few days.
I suspect that redistribution from the EU warehouse will start at the beginning of next week.
[3 September] Since many of you ask about shipments European shipments - PinePhones destined for European countries ought to start shipping next week. The reason why I write this a bit tentatively is that the sorting process at the EU warehouse is new and not performed by Pine Store's shipping team. Regardless, I suspect most EU end-users will have their phones, or at least shipping notifications, end of next week.
[5 September] PinePhones destined for European countries are awaiting DHL pickup
[11 September] PinePhones destined for European countries have arrived at the EU warehouse; redistribution will start on Monday, September 14. Those of you in Europe should get a shipping notification early next week.
[15 September] PinePhones from the EU warehouse have started shipping yesterday, September 14. Expect shipping notifications in the next 72 hours.

PineTab (with UBports Ubuntu Touch)
[24 August] PineTabs ought to begin shipping this Friday, August 28, but this date may be pushed to the following week (31 Aug. - 5 Sep.). DHL parcels with the PineTabs, once they leave Hong Kong (which may take a couple of days - depending on on-the-ground circumstances), usually arrive within 5-10 days regardless of  geographic location. That said, customs and DHL function differently from one country to another so the process may take longer depending on local import procedures.
[31 August] PineTab shipment process will start Wednesday or Thursday. Once shipping commences I'll update this thread with a confirmation.
[3 September] Shipping of PineTabs is taking place at the end of this week. Thank you for your patience; we had to bundle the PineTab shipments with Pinebook Pros - which are also shipping now - for strategic reasons.
[5 September] PineTabs are awaiting DHL pickup
[6 September] DHL PineTab shipment is in the process of going out. If you haven't received your shipping notification yet, then you can expect it within 48hrs.
Regular shipment of PineTabs (non-DHL) is scheduled for later this week. I'll let you know when it happens.
[21 September] Remaining PineTab's going out via regular shipping departed on September 17th; today's update is quite overdue, for this I apologize.
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