Shipping and Invoice for Pine64
Anyone know how long the phone takes to get to the USA. Super excited but didn't get an invoice or receipt when I ordered.
(08-16-2020, 09:51 PM)snow season Wrote: Anyone know how long the phone takes to get to the USA. Super excited but didn't get an invoice or receipt when I ordered.

Just ordered? You ought to have gotten an e-mail from the store ( Your Pinephone won't be dispatched immediately because at the moment they are in pre-order while still in production but they are due from the factory at the end of August 2020.

When the phone is ready to ship you'll get two more e-mails: from the store and the courier (DHL?).

It might take a week, may be longer.
As @lot378 pointed you should have received an email from pine64 acknowledging your payment. If you haven't something is wrong. E-mail pine64 sales.

Once they know how many phones are sold, they will make the units in a Chinese factory.

Once they are done, they will ship them.

For the last batch, it took 4 months from the day I ordered to the day I got it by USPS on my front door (NY).

However, we had the COVID-19 issue where carriers were not picking from China, etc I hope the situation for international shipping is better now, and the waiting time should be shorter.
Things can and do change,
But my past experience with DHL has been very favorable.
Both my orders for Pinebook Pros went great.

I ordered first the ISO early edition, -- then later the ANSI edition.
I received both in roughly 36 hours - from the time DHL received the PBP in Hong Kong,
until the DHL delivery man was knocking on my front door in Arizona, USA.

Now my Brave Heart phone was a different story,  there was only Asendia available for shipping.
I was notified when the phone was shipped, then nothing for at least a month,
.. when I was finally notified it was in the USA, then it spent 9 days in New York Customs, (before Covid)
  then two more days in the mail to Arizona.

I was very Glad to see the option this time to use DHL as the shipper !


Of course there was a wait,   from the time I purchased those items
until they actually shipped them....

Especially since I have been at the front of the line each time when Pre-orders opened.
(08-16-2020, 09:51 PM)snow season Wrote: Anyone know how long the phone takes to get to the USA. Super excited but didn't get an invoice or receipt when I ordered.

Pretty quick for the USA customers !

 There is about a 15 hour time zone difference from Hong Kong to California, USA.

My package(s) left Hong Kong approximately 3pm, August 31 (local time)

and arrived at Customs Los Angeles California at about 4pm, August 31.(local time)

Then arrived at the sorting facility at about lunchtime September 1st

Estimated delivery to Tucson, Arizona  :   by end of business day Sept 3rd.

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