(08-17-2020, 10:49 AM)lyssa Wrote: <snip>
Just follow it and use your head AFTER you download and unpack everything you'll need via the ultimately doomed manual install process. Save the crazy uid and password they give you. I put the files in a subdirectory in my Home directory.

Got your files? OK. Fire up Connections (Manjaro/KDE) from System Settings - not from the menu bar. If you try it from the menu bar it will lock up just when you are starting to get things done and you'll have to force a restart with the power button. Did that three times. Add a new Open VPN connection. Name your connection and start following the Ubuntu instructions. The elusive gateway entry info is found inside the .ovpn file you just downloaded from ExpressVPN. Don't use the whole line in the file. Look at the Ubuntu example to see what you need.

So, thank you!  I thought about PMing you but maybe this can help others.

1) I have logged in, hit manual config, got the crazy username and pw, downloaded the opvn file for my area, downloaded and extracted the SSL zip file
Question:  are these the files you are talking about?
2) manual connection says to do all this stuff with your wifi connection, IPv4 and IPv6 skip that?
3)  "The elusive gateway entry info is found inside the .ovpn file you just downloaded from ExpressVPN."  
Q: what is this?  On the advanced tab it sets the gateway at 1195 like the link says.

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