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The original Dev Kit comes with a proprietary firmware which was installed mostly to allow the hardware to be tested. Once this test firmware is removed then it cannot be replaced because the binaries are not published. If you do want to experiment with the test firmware than I think it partners with an Android application called DaFit but its not really the recommended way to use a PineTime.

Note that in addition to programming the PineTime using a wired connection it is also possible to do over-the-air Bluetooth updates to replace the original firmware with SoftDevice-based firmwares such as wasp-os and ATCwatch. Over-the-air updates are much easier and more reliable but currently the range of software is pretty narrow with this route. I do hope to find some time in the next week or three to allow over-the-air switching between wasp-os and Infinitime, that would give you an over-the-air route to all the PineTime firmwares.

If you are interested in installing wasp-os using Bluetooth (and you have an Android phone) then the install instructions are here:

PS I am the maintainer of wasp-os so obviously my reply is extremely biased! However the summary is that whilst wasp-os does fully demonstrate most of the hardware features it has one pervasive goal that influences almost everything about it, from its name (the Watch Application System in Python) to its development roadmap: making it as easy as possible for users to write their own applications for their watch.
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