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InfiniTime will be shipped in the next batch of devkits, which is not yet available, unfortunately.
If you already have a devkit, it comes from the first batch and it is preprogrammed with a closed-source demo firmware.

InfiniTime is the new name of my project but I've not finished the rebranding yet Smile The most up to date documentation is in the branch develop. This one is about building and programming the project.

To get started with Pinetime, I recommend you to have a look at the wiki, and this page about reprogramming the Pinetime.
You'll need the RaspberryPi to remove the flash protection (the next batch will come with the flash protection disabled). @lupyuen wrote many articles about this like this one and this one.
Once the memory protection is removed, you can use the ST-Link to program and debug your Pinetime!
Working on InfiniTime, the FOSS firmware for the PineTime:

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