no speakers on debian
iv'e recently installed debian on my PBP. in contrary to the Majarno, the speakers and the headphones output did not work at all. iv'e searched the subject online but couldn't find a solution. how do i turn the speakers on? and the headphones output as well?  Angel
you have to unmute and raise lvl on alsamixer.
Are you referring to mrfixit Debian in the wiki ?

If so, there was a fix posted way back, maybe November or so of last year.

I had to use that myself, but I do not remember the specifics, but it did fix the sound for many of us back then.
if there was a fix, i'll be glad to get it. anyhow, iv'e opened the alsamixer, and i raised all of the levels. still no sound tho
If I get a chance I will dig back through the old forum posts and find that "FIX"

If I remember correctly there were quite a few of us that had to do that repair,        but oddly not everyone.
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i installed kali instead of debian, and easily configured the speakers to work. also, many softwares just didn't work on debian (at all), and everything works just fine (everything which is arm64 compatible) on the kali. so the pinebook pro quickly became a very usefull machine
these sound issues are solved on any mainline linux OS with the proper configurations. i use them in pbp-tools and my forked danielt debian installer.

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