Pine64 UART4 RTS

I'm using a Pine64 with Raspbian and everything is fine.
My project uses the UART4 and as I have a device with very specific and short timing I developped a Linux Line Discipline for that.

Everything is still Ok, but I'm facing an issue (maybe a newbie issue...) I cannot get RTS line (pin18 / PD4) controlled, neither from C from inside ,my line disciple neither from python with PySerial.

BTW, to veryfy I've connected a bitscope to lines Euler2 pins 18-19-21 and I see the signal on pins 19 & 21 (Tx & RX), but desperately nothing on pin 18 (RTS).

Are the RTS/CTS lines activated on the device or should I add an overlay for that? Or at least where to check?
Any clue?

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