New UBports edition - black screen (backlight) only
I just unboxed my new Pinephone UBports edition today and I was able to get it to boot a couple of times with the software out of the box, but I was getting screen flickering (not the backlight, the whole screen image). After rebooting it from UBports, I no longer get anything on the screen, just a black screen with the backlight on.

When I try booting it, I get the red LED, followed by a white LED, then a green LED, and finally the LED goes out and the backlight turns on Eventually, the backlight will go out and the LED illuminates white.

Any idea what happened here? Do you think the screen flickering was a sign of a bad screen and it just completely went out? Now it won't boot do anything with just the battery anymore, I have to plug in the type C charger to get it to do the sequence I describe above. Did I potentially get a bad phone? Thanks for the help!

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New UBports edition - black screen (backlight) only - by BBreeziN - 08-02-2020, 09:01 PM

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