Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
(08-06-2020, 07:27 AM)gurk Wrote: @moonwalkers um???

Anyway, I addressed everything you're talking about in my previous post. 

Quote:Putting two power ports on one device is not a good way to utilize limited resources. And this isn't a cheap problem either... the cost of using the barrel jack is the cost of adding it to the laptop plus the cost of the proprietary power supply-- proprietary because it only works with the PB Pro. All this could be replaced with just a USB-A to USB-C cable and optional wall outlet (since USB-C is so commonplace that some people like me already have several USB-C chargers).

You addressed all of nothing, you're only engaging in reputation war with addition of comments that frankly tell more about your own hubris and laziness, and your posts reek of inability to think beyond your own use case.

The point of budget devices is not just driving the price into the ground - that can easily be achieved. It's finding a point at which one can get maximum number of possible uses for a given price, where adding more use cases increases the price too much and reducing the price further compromises usability.

Removing barrel plug without replacing it with anything else will only negligibly reduce the price of the device itself (PSU can be always sold separately even with barrel plug) while reducing usability (AKA "I can no longer use USB-C devices and charge at the same time without USB-C dock or dongles/adapters"), making this ARM laptop, erm, less laptop-like and more toy-like. Replacing barrel plug with a second type C socket will preserve that use case and even add new, but AFAIK will increase the price of the main unit. Would I be willing to accept that increase? Yes, but I cannot say the same about everyone else. Would simply dropping the barrel plug work for some people, maybe even majority? Yes, I think so, but not for everyone, certainly not for me. Would not shipping power supply reduce the price? Yes, and I'm pretty sure that's where the main savings would be, not in dropping barrel plug, though they still would be maybe 2-3% of the price at most, especially factoring in shipping costs, but possibly enough to add the second type C port. The battery life on this device is likely limited the most by inefficiency of the drivers, extra RAM slot would be useless since RK3399 cannot address more than 4GiB RAM, but extra ports - that I always welcome.
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