Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
(08-04-2020, 04:43 AM)jiyong Wrote: USB-C is already much simpler than a barrel port.
Worst case scenario you fall back to 5V.
Again, because there are some issues with cables, devices and chargers that are not according to the standards, should not be blamed on the standard.

The fact that the PBP doesn't accept more current, should not be blamed on USB-C.
It's simply how the PBP was built, nothing to do with USB-C.
USB-C doesn't force anything to support up to 20V 5 amps.
And even with this limitation, you can still charge the PBP.
That's a whole different situation with a barrel charger, as there are way more parameters to block the possibility of charging.

You call the barrel port much simpler, even when you need to know the size, polarity, voltage and current?
With USB-C you don't need to know the size (there is only one size), don't need to know the polarity and hardly ever you have to worry about voltage and current that would block charging.
I am not saying people should stop using a barrel port, all I am saying is that USB-C (when implemented according to the standard) is much simpler.

Oh for crying out loud...

Yes, you do have different sizes, potentially (but very rarely) different polarities, different voltages and currents. The only difference with different levels of USB PD support - may potentially have wrong polarity and incompatible connector. Except! Polarity, voltage, and current are always specified on the power supply, and (except current) are also always specified on the power receptacle on the device, unlike USB where most cables have zero markings whether they are PD-aware at all and therefore can supply no more than 1.5A of current at 5V. And it's dead obvious whether the connector itself is compatible or not, there are actually standard sizes for those. If the power supply says it supplies 5V and 3A - you can be sure your PBP will be charging fine. So long as it supplies 5V it will be charging, though if it provides less than 3A it will be charging slowly but you'll know that ahead of time. There is no way to know that with an unfamiliar USB-C cable until you actually connect it, and I've ran into plenty USB cables that could not provide the full 15W of power to my PBP.

Once again, the bottom line is: if you don't like barrel port - either don't use it or just don't buy it. But please don't push certain fruity company's attitudes onto the rest of us, we like our multiple ports and multiple options.
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