Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
(08-03-2020, 11:41 AM)jiyong Wrote: What's the point of dismissing USB-C based on exceptions?
If it really was such a big mess, the whole world would complain about it.

The problem isn't the different voltages and current, it's about negotiating the correct voltage and current.
Remember Benson Leung? https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/11/...on-amazon/
It's about implementing things properly, according to the standards.

Now that USB-C has matured, it is much simpler than a barrel port.
Try charging with a random barrel port charger, good luck with that.

Because when choice is with exceptions vs without exceptions I'd rather go with no exceptions. And there are a lot of things out there that are an unholy mess but most people don't complain because they just can't imagine anything better. Or they just don't care enough.

The problem is very much different voltages and currents, because not all chargers and devices and cables support all of them. And if device and charger can be identified relatively easily, cables - not so. Now that USB-C has matured, it is much more complex than a barrel port, even more so than when it just appeared. With USB power delivery you have multiple levels of the standard, and the device with charger have to negotiate the one that all of the charger, the device, and the cable support at the same time. Sure, there are definitely use cases where the complexity of charging over USB is justified, the main one being when the space is at premium (like in phones) and you need a connector as universal as possible. But it is a complex solution, and as almost any complex solution it is almost always has lesser reliability. On the other hand the only solution I can think of simpler than a good'ol PWM charger with a plain old barrel connector is a power supply that consists of only transformer, diode bridge, and a capacitor. I have an array of barrel connector chargers, they behave exactly as specified - the ones capable of only 1A at 5V can charge PBP extremely slowly, and every one that is specified to deliver 3A delivers it, regardless of USB cable used. There is a problem that my 4.5A charger won't charge PBP any faster, but that's not the issue with the charger.

And USB-C will never become much simpler than a barrel port - with barrel port all you need to know is size (which is very physical and obvious), polarity, voltage, and current (all three of which are usually specified on both device socket and the power supply), while with USB-C you need to know the standards supported by both the PSU and the cable.

Bottom line: don't like barrel port - either don't use it or vote with your money elsewhere, but don't try to convince people that technology with multiple standard levels and unobvious implementation compliance is somehow simpler than something much more straightforward. I, for one, much appreciate having the flexibility of both options.
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