Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
Hmm. That's a new definition of simpler Smile

All's I knows is that in five decades I can think of exactly two barrel jacks that have failed due to severe mechanical stresses. I can think of barrel plug power supplies that failed because the cord got chewed by an animal, or the transformer played fuse because there wasn't one (this was pre made-in-China, so no fires). But I have to replace a device every few years due to USB socket failure, and a power supply every few months due to USB plug failure. Mind you I only have one USB-C jack and only two USB-C plugs, and I haven't even used them yet. I think USB-C might be improved over all the other variants I have to use. But history screams otherwise, and I fully expect that by the time I've had to give in and start really using USB-C, USB-E will be the new thing.

Yes, you can plug in a USB-C the wrong way. I learnt this by reading the technical specifications.

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