PineTime Updater for Flashing New Bootloader and FreeRTOS Firmware
Hi All: Do you have an ST-Link or Raspberry Pi?

Here's a simple Bash Script that flashes the latest Community Bootloader (MCUBoot ported by me) and Firmware (FreeRTOS ported by JF) to your PineTime...

This is the very same bootloader and firmware that we are asking Pine64 to preload at the PineTime Factory. (Thanks Pine64! We  Heart You  Smile )

So go ahead and flash your PineTime now... For that Fresh From The Factory Feeling  Smile

.png   pinetime-updater.png (Size: 20.76 KB / Downloads: 37)
Works for me with the pi. It would have been nice if it had found and used the existing ~/openocd-spi from previous tutorials, but I guess the target audience wouldn't be expected to have been through those.
Great thanks! Now that we are preloading FreeRTOS, I thought we should simplify, make a clean start and decouple openocd-spi from Mynewt :-)

Moving ahead I'll be using Mynewt more as a "Utility Firmware" for specific tasks... Like for loading a custom Boot Logo. Also for updating the PineTime MCUBoot Bootloader.

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