Idea for making legacy X11 applications practical to use
So as per usual when I'm really tired I get creative ideas. This time I think it's good enough to share the idea.

What if you could triple-tap on the screen to resize a window just like as if it was an image?

Pinch to "zoom" the window and "pan" with one finger. This way we can access small controls without tapping at impossibly small UI elements while still being able to see the full window when you're done. Pinching back out would put the window back into a scaled maximized window, just like usual.

Then you exit the window manipulation mode by triple-tapping the screen again.

In my imagination it should feel pretty intuitive. The only issue I see is that it possibly conflicts with multi-pointer aware applications, but aside from GIMP and Xournal I can't think of any major ones.

So what do you guys think? Is this worthy of suggesting upstream to Phosh/Phoc or should I go back to sleep (and finally tackle the VAAPI issues tomorrow)?

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