My Pinebook Pro after a month of use.
(07-26-2020, 07:14 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: I left the protective plastic on the trackpad.  The only complaint I have about it is that the buttons are part of the trackpad.  So it's difficult to press a button without moving the mouse pointer.  I always preferred those little fingertip joysticks in laptop keyboards.  But there's no way that I can think of to fit one of those in this keyboard.

Yeah, I should have left it on.  The buttons are also pretty bad.  I wonder if a plastic screen protector for a phone would stick to it w/o needing adhesive and messing with sensitivity.

I never had a Thinkpad but those nipple joystick things are neat and another way to not leave home row.  I imagine getting good with it is similar to home row mouse controls on high-end keyboards.  I tend to under and overshoot a lot but it's more comfortable than constantly moving back and forth to a trackpad for simple 2-second mouse controls you might want to interact with a GUI.

I'm probably just spoiled with luxury Apple computers w/ their buttery-smooth glass trackpads w/ "Taptic Engine" tofu burger fake clicks.

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