My Pinebook Pro after a month of use.
(07-26-2020, 03:17 AM)slyecho Wrote: Well, the machine is basically like a Raspberry Pi with a screen and keyboard. I've found that the hardware is pretty solid so far (with some exceptions). The only thing that has been lacking is the software support. There is not even a BIOS/bootloader installed that has a GUI! But people have been working very hard on it and it shows massive progress all the time. But that means that you have to keep up with software updates, both the Linux distributions and also the firmware. And sometimes stuff breaks and you have to figure it out.

The hardware does have some problems, too. The WiFi signal is too weak and slow. And I'm pretty certain now that the left side USB (both the 3.0 and type-C port) are not working correctly, the devices connected there may drop out or even hard crash the whole machine. There is something in the audio amplification circuits that causes a whine when audio plays, also whine on USB devices connected.

True, it's very similar to a RPi but I'd argue that the highest cost of these systems is the user's time.  If you don't have the muster and motivation to mess with a Linux machine as a relative newcomer, then it's going to be frustrating.

Heck, it's even frustrating to me and I'd say I'm a computer enthusiast.  My main home server is a RPi 4 and just a couple weeks ago I literally wanted to take an Easton aluminum bat to the Pi at the closest baseball field and Sammy Sosa the thing into the woods.  Obviously, that's idiotic and I know for a fact it's a software configuration issue bumping heads with my home network's limitations.  But sometimes I don't want to deal with that regardless of my background and education in the matter.

I've somewhat reluctantly gotten back into building systems because there's no Burger King of home lab equipment AFAIK.  I wanted to just buy a Synology or QNAP for the NAS part but the best solution for my needs is DIY.  But like OP, I just want to get something, turn it on, and have it work w/o much fiddling around.

Anyway, not sure how useful an internet forum would be advising someone that is reluctant in how to use the PineBook from afar.  I'd suggest that OP find or talk to a computer nerd pal or acquaintance that might have more Linux knowledge.

Still, there are things I don't care for on the PBP: the trackpad isn't comfortable.  I don't know why a fine sandpaper surface is being used; I avoid using it at all costs, basically, as it's tiring to use and makes the trackpad even less ergonomic (trackpads are not ergo by design, btw).  I prefer a mouse/trackball and even external keyboard mouse controls to trackpads anyway.  Swipe/gesture functionality in macOS is very nice to have, though, as a secondary input device.

Also:  I ripped the speakers out because they are that bad, IMO.

Most consumer laptops are at least somewhat tolerable wrt these two hardware quibbles, so I wouldn't recommend this thing to the average person unless you know you can live/adjust to both the hardware and software issues.  I mean it's usable and you can hear beeps and blips but they don't make me happy.  Maybe I'm too picky.  I'm sure there's parts/cost limitations in the PBP's design, etc.

It will be interesting to see if OP comes back to this thread but he/she's probably long gone by now.

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