My Pinebook Pro after a month of use.
(07-23-2020, 08:12 PM)Nobot Wrote: Sometimes my Pinebook works fine other times it is buggy. Not currently learning the Linux language. I am learning a new language that I can speak to other humans rather than machines. I am happy about the price I paid for the Pinebook. Overall unless you are fluent in Linux code the machine can be rather a nightmare. Occasional screen flickering. Weak or no sound output. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sometimes works. The screen output blacks out for a few seconds and then returns all the time. My connected hard drives and flash drives do not always respond and well...If you enjoy writing Linux code this machine is probably a dream for you. For average humans this machine is somewhat a disappointment. Developers if you want a machine that introduces Linux novices to the wonderful world of Linux this machine needs lots of work. Peace.

You clearly made the wrong choice with the pbp, and maybe digging in forums before you bought it would have show you that : pbp does not ship ready for "average human", it need to be tweaked and it's a reason i bought it, i like dirt.
There's no "linux code", as well as "windows code" or "macosx code", i suppose you're talking about shell.

For your flickering problem, try updating mesa to mesa git.
For your sound problem, it's just a matter of raising output levels in alsamixer.
Bluetooth and wifi always work for me, no tweak, stock.
Also i have no problems with usb pendrive or hdd.

I hope you'll find a notebook that suits you. Look at chinese noname notebooks, there's a loot at 200$ price range with better specs than pbp, and shipped with windows working otb.

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