Latest Installer Image hangs after updates
(07-19-2020, 08:39 PM)u20200719 Wrote: I used the latest 2020-Jul-16 12:26 image and was able to burn and SD card then go through the installation.  Once the installation completed and rebooted I went to the Software application and chose updates.  I got an initial error message about a Gnome component which I closed out then it showed all the updates.  I applied all the updates and rebooted.  Now it just hangs with a white/green/purple LED cycling.  I have tried this twice on two different SD cards with the same result.

Is this expected or have others noticed the same behavior?

Here's a video showing the install, update, and boot failure after the update.

Downloading and copying image to SD


xz -d pine64-pinephone-20200716-phosh-v20.05-installer.img.xz

md5sum pine64-pinephone-20200716-phosh-v20.05-installer.img
0a09f1c62457076241eb5c9dd6dae631  pine64-pinephone-20200716-phosh-v20.05-installer.img

sudo dd if=pine64-pinephone-20200716-phosh-v20.05-installer.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M
895+1 records in
895+1 records out
3757047808 bytes (3.8 GB, 3.5 GiB) copied, 411.442 s, 9.1 MB/s

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