Dark screen on boot up (?) on new Pinebook Pro with Manjaro
Boot ubuntu (SD) I assume it works?

edit/ make a file called "bright" (with sudo/su)
cd /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight
echo 3200 > brightness
(for some reason, space before and after ">" seems to be neccesary)
sudo chmod 777 bright

mount emmc (rootfs, not boot)
sudo cp bright to /mnt/emmc/root (replace emmc with appropriate)

shutdown, remove card
boot with emmc, ctr-alt-F2, do it twice (or more), wait until sure is booted
All this is blind, type carefully
login as root,,password ,, ./bright,, alt-F1 (preceding "./" is essential)

I have looked (grep) in /etc, trying to find where backlight values are stored, no luck
There is a systemd unit, seems dead or part of something else

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