[split] U-Boot with NVMe support, keyboard & display working
(01-20-2021, 01:37 AM)as400 Wrote: @moonwalkers - MrFixit's uboot is basically Rockchip BSP uboot (and ATF). It has some binary blobs (afaik in ATF) from Rockchip doing god knows what. The difference is that, when using uboot from this thread, you're running completely open source uboot and ATF with no binary blobs from SBC manufacturer.

That's not what my question was about. I understand perfectly well there are binary blobs in ATF in MrFixit's BSP uboot vs fully open source other builds of u-boot, and I'm all for getting fully open source version up to 100% feature parity and then some with BSP uboot/ATF. My question was where that ATF is supposed to be, so that, if possible, I could try combining the blobbed ATF with working suspend with the u-boot version that shows the boot menu until fully open-source suspend is working. Am I making sense?
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Interesting idea.
Rockchip does not publish sources of their TF-A. Just binaries.

I have compiled 2021.01 u-boot with Rockchip blob. If you feel like it you can test drive it.


Report how it goes. I have not tried it.
Does this support nvme booting?
@plumlis - I'm, not sure if you're asking about "normal" versions or the one with the Rockchip blob. Answer for "normal" is yes. For the one with Rockchip blob answer is yes it should.

In case of Rockchip blobbed - I had no time to test it yet - so consider it highly experimental. Expect problems. I have only one pbp and I'm daily driving the thing Smile

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