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(01-28-2023, 06:33 PM)Samurai_Crow Wrote: Did they drop the non-pro PinePhone?

On the contrary, they just released a new version for it 2 weeks ago.

The following things are said to work in the new version:
  • Dial number, accept incoming call, hangup
  • USSD commands

And if you build it yourself with the latest source code, simple SMS messaging are reported to work too.
The project repository moved to:
LineageOS preview available:
Thanks I was getting confused, following old links was causing a major headache!
The thing is, why do they keep updating versions of Android, but yet do not even have a stable OS yet? I would prefer to see a stable OS, then they can upgrade it. Seem that is taking time and resources away from a finished project.
No, upgrading the OS is necessary to align with the latest AOSP APIs.
And we can't afford to work on stable firmware for the PP/PPP. There's no commercial model behind the project, so GloDroid is a reference design rather than a product (at least for now). We need way more developers than we currently have.

Roman Stratiienko
GloDroid team.

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