Camera support progress
Splendid work! hats off
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

It even takes cat pictures. Very exciting.

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IT WORKS!!! Great work! Amazing! so far front camera only, and yeah, the image quality leaves something to be desired, but IT WORKS. AND it saves the .jpg with a date stamp filename in home/usr/pictures. LOVE IT
Mine does not work unfortunately. But it seems that nothing works on my PP. Big Grin
(07-06-2020, 04:59 PM)bendavey Wrote: It even takes cat pictures. Very exciting.
Your cat does not seem particularly pleased though :P
Can confirm it works! kudos!
Tested today's nightly - works like a charm! good job Smile
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Working here too Smile Smile 

Camera is quite laggy , but heyyy IT WORKS Cool 

Thanx again for your big effort

works but super slow cant move fast
This is not working for me, on my Braveheart PinePhone. Here's the dmesg output:

mobian ~$ dmesg | grep -E "(csi|ov5640)"
[    1.425837] dovdd-csi: Bringing 3300000uV into 1800000-1800000uV
[    1.428194] avdd-csi: Bringing 2900000uV into 2800000-2800000uV
[    1.430261] dvdd-csi: Bringing 700000uV into 1800000-1800000uV
[    4.172849] i2c-gpio i2c-csi: using lines 141 (SDA) and 140 (SCL)
[    8.972532] sun6i-csi 1cb0000.csi: creating ov5640 3-004c:0 -> sun6i-csi:0 link
[    8.979971] sun6i-csi 1cb0000.csi: creating gc2145 3-003c:0 -> sun6i-csi:0 link
[    9.918406] ov5640 3-004c: ov5640_init_slave_id: failed with -6
[  11.526450] ov5640 3-004c: ov5640_init_slave_id: failed with -6
[  39.310878] ov5640 3-004c: ov5640_init_slave_id: failed with -6
[  40.475398] ov5640 3-004c: ov5640_init_slave_id: failed with -6

Camera shows a test pattern when I run it, indicating that no cameras are detected at all.

I flashed Mobian to my SD card from the mobian-pinephone-20200707 image, then upgraded using "sudo apt upgrade" (only one package, pinephone-tweaks, was updated), then restarted.

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