Google on Android?
Hmm. Wonder if foss will work.

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Ah, so if I understand correctly, if I can get Android to boot from SD card (haven't managed yet, but that's another topic), I can't actually use it to download an app from their Play Store? Bummer if that's true. Even though my Pinebook Pro is primarily my fun linux laptop (and a very nice on at that!) I thought it would be good to also be able to run Android to support a piece of hardware I use. But yeah, if that's not possible then I'd just have to get someones old Android tablet/phone and use that for that single purpose.
You can use Aurora Store, probably. I don't know if that runs on 7.x Android. I use it on my newer devices (don't tell Google!).
Ah, I also was pointed to APKpure where the app is available too. In my case it is the Suunto App (for Suunto training watches). I suppose this should also work on the Android image for the PBP. Has anyone tried this?
https://***.androidpolice.***/2020/07/25/install-play-store-guide.. I hope this reference will be useful for you
(11-17-2020, 11:33 PM)Raniyah Wrote: https://***.androidpolice.***/2020/07/25/install-play-store-guide.. I hope this reference will be useful for you
Thank you Raniyah. Yeah I think apkmirror is related to them, another apk installation service (other than apkpure I mentioned earlier). I'm starting to understand how Android works and that you can basically install an .apk file right into android without any "store". Unless the installation requires several individual .apk files with dependencies, in which case it would still be doable but an installation manager could make things easier. In my case, I don't think I'd need that. The .apk file is readily available so I suppose it should just work. Software only available in the Google Play Store is typically the kind of software I'm not interested in anyway Wink.

That said, your response is appreciated as there sure may be others who would like to run Play Store applications. Cheers!

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