Can I use UT apps with another distro ?
Hey !

Does anyone know how I can use apps from Ubuntu Touch, like file-manager, Dekko2 with ArchLinuxArm for PinePhone ? I tried by installing clickable from AUR but I don't have much knowledge so it's not working :/

I think I could try to use this phone as a daily phone just with Mail/Calendar/File-Manager/Notes apps. UT is not usable, Bluetooth not deactivating, cellular not working, same for GPS... But Arch + Posh is smooth and everything works find, it's why I want to use some UT apps with Arch ^^

Unfortunately most UT apps have various UT specific UI dependencies. I think the pmOS guys are trying to get them running on other systems. But I think the biggest hurdle is that UT uses Mir instead of Wayland or X11.

if the app in question uses a web interface as the UI it should be easier to decouple it from UT. I had some luck with axolotl. For me it's currently just running as a server and I open the UI with a browser.

For mail and calendar I currently use Evolution. Not ideal, but it works with the small screen after a few tweaks. But the Geary developer is aparently working on better mobile compatibility.
Isn't UBports on the pinephone using Wayland though?

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