Was my order actually received? Strange site behaviour. Order went through, now out o
(07-04-2020, 01:01 PM)Cree Wrote: Hello,
I'd like to request confirmation of my order was in fact received, and if so whether the phone is being shipped soon or kept inline as a pre-order.
The reason i ask is because of some very strange behavior on your site when i ordered. The pinephone had been showing "out of stock" an i was unable to order for several days. I checked in regularly as i really wanted it. Yesterday when i checked again, it was showing in stock and allowed me to add to my cart. I was excited and ordered immediately. I placed my order and received a confirmation email. However, a couple hours later i was checking your site again and the pinephone was showing "out of stock" once more and it was again not possible to add one to my cart. 
I find this very strange for it to have suddenly been out of stock immediately after i ordered when it had only been in stock for a few hours.
I am concerned there may have been a website glitch at the time i ordered.
Could you please confirm my order was in fact legitimately received and whether there is a phone being packaged, made, or delivered for me. I dont mind if it was a pre-order but i want to make 100% sure that it went through on your end and i will in fact receive the phone.
Thank you,
Update! This was addressed by order support. All is well and no concern. Apparently they really sold out of the new batch within hours. No glitch and orders placed were successful.

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