Was my order actually received? Strange site behaviour. Order went through, now out o
I'd like to request confirmation of my order was in fact received, and if so whether the phone is being shipped soon or kept inline as a pre-order.
The reason i ask is because of some very strange behavior on your site when i ordered. The pinephone had been showing "out of stock" an i was unable to order for several days. I checked in regularly as i really wanted it. Yesterday when i checked again, it was showing in stock and allowed me to add to my cart. I was excited and ordered immediately. I placed my order and received a confirmation email. However, a couple hours later i was checking your site again and the pinephone was showing "out of stock" once more and it was again not possible to add one to my cart. 
I find this very strange for it to have suddenly been out of stock immediately after i ordered when it had only been in stock for a few hours.
I am concerned there may have been a website glitch at the time i ordered.
Could you please confirm my order was in fact legitimately received and whether there is a phone being packaged, made, or delivered for me. I dont mind if it was a pre-order but i want to make 100% sure that it went through on your end and i will in fact receive the phone.
Thank you,

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Was my order actually received? Strange site behaviour. Order went through, now out o - by Cree - 07-04-2020, 01:01 PM

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