Unable to send SMS on US Mobile GSM (T-Mobile MVNO)
(07-08-2020, 05:57 PM)bcnaz Wrote: July 08 nightly build :   Brave Heart phone running on an SD card,  AT&T - GSM carrier

Update :
  From a cold boot I am still unable to originate a text.
When I tap the text message icon,  it says 'chats' in the top border,  and 'Start chatting' on the main screen.
The plus sign (+) is greyed out.  If I go to 'preferences screen' there is nothing that helps there.

If I go in through the 'contact book'  I can place a call by tapping  the handset icon.
but tapping the messenger icon just takes me back to the 'preferences' page...then  'start chatting' page,  ... dead end.

A text from my second phone and the text App works just as it is supposed to.  ( I can close and re-open the App after it 'starts' )
    ( though every incoming text is doubled / separate issue ? )

something appears to prevent the text App from initial starting ?

GLAD I have the second phone !

Once the text App is activated and then closed, I can access text by tapping the text/messenger icon on the main screen
or through the contact book via name then tap message or phone icon.

hmm...  Just looked at my text messages,  and the second copy of the incoming messages has disappeared ?
All have single replies now.  ( None are doubled )
Though the phone did just complete an update.

I just started seeing the same thing.

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