Tutorial for new UBPorts CE users / list of known issues?
Hi! Brand new UBPorts CE user here (as of a couple days ago).

I've been browsing through the wiki / forum and found myself wondering what the best place is to receive updates regarding the state of UBPorts on the PinePhone right now. Some of the basic things I've done right off the bat:

  1. Switched from "stable" to "development" under Settings > Updates. This got me on the latest OTA, with more updates to come.
  2. Got GPS / Location services working for uNav, Clock, etc. Thread here
I'm still finding quite a number of basic things still aren't working, and I'm unsure if it's because I haven't toggled them on, or if they're still meant to be broken as the UBPorts devs continue to work. Notably:
  • Camera app is always blank / shows a black screen. I assume camera support is nothing right now?
  • Encryption: Is there a way to enable disk encryption for the phone and/or any mounted microSD cards? Is it enabled by default and I can't tell?
  • For that matter, is there a tutorial or any pointers for utilizing a microSD card with UBPorts? I assume I need to format it and set the filesystem myself, but that somewhat relates to the above question regarding encryption since I'd have to have LUKS set up before I figure out the filesystem. And how would one tell apps to use that SD card for storage instead of the eMMC flash?
  • Touch-responsiveness is fairly low, although I have noticed improvements after changing to the development channel. Can we expect more fluid touch response or is Unity8 capping this out?
  • Headphones don't seem to be detected? I've been having similar issues with my Pinebook Pro, but I'm not sure if the two are related to some upstream kernel thing or not.
  • Is there a list of features UBPorts devs are currently working on, or a changelog of what is coming out with each release? I'm noticing on the Development channel there's typically an update once a day, which is a pretty solid pace, but it is very sparse on details.
  • What's the best way to get started writing apps for UBPorts / Pinephone in general? I know something like libhandy exists, but I was wondering if there's anything in particular that makes development easier? SSHing in to deploy / install should be workable, but I'm not sure I understand how apps are sandboxed (if they are at all) or how once could develop on say stock Debian or Manjaro on a Pinebook Pro and deploy to UBPorts with the least amount of overhead.
Mostly I'm just looking to figure out the general state of the ecosystem and figure out where I should be looking for more information.

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Tutorial for new UBPorts CE users / list of known issues? - by ThatGeoGuy - 06-28-2020, 01:59 PM

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