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Hi, i installed a .img from the jenkins/ci of ubports. When i checked the version, it was (iirc) Ubuntu Touch version 3.
I tried to switch to the dev channel but this was horribly messed up (multiple dev/edge channels etc.).
Also, it did not save the setting and sometimes tried to update and sometimes not.
Now the device is pretty broken (the sd...). So i thought i could just install the latest .img to SD and be fine.
But i am not sure where i can find it? - i guess thats not correct, isnt it?
Try this one:
thats the one i tried
(06-27-2020, 10:29 AM)someGermanGuy Wrote: thats the one i tried
my device kept switching back to Stable after reboots, so i went in setting/update and turned off wifi/Data auto downloads.So when i restarted it i could check the update Stable/Development, and then turn on auto download, instead of being stuck half way through a download.

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