After installing CRUST, what does a distro need to do to get wake on modem working?
I've got CRUST installed on my BraveHeart with a modern Megous kernel, but I can't get the device to wake on calls/texts.
Apparently it's supposed to work on BraveHeart now.

What do I have to do in order to get my phone to wake on ring or text? Set some parameters in /sys/power that I don't know about?
I'm just using a vanilla Fedora 32 install with XFCE and the Librem5 "Calls" app for the phone functionality.
So, I figured it out. You need CRUST firmware of course, but also, the following AT command executed exactly once to save the relevant setting:


In my attempts, I compiled a fresh CRUST u-boot based off the latest git, that also uses 492Mhz DRAM speed, I'm providing it here.
Thermals improve a bit with this u-boot using slightly underclocked RAM, and it's likely to fix many crashes related to faster DRAM speeds. The performance hit is completely unnoticeable to me.
Can you explain how do you install crust modifications to megous kernel?
(06-29-2020, 06:52 AM)Alefnode Wrote: Can you explain how do you install crust modifications to megous kernel?
Here's a working kernel config that has the necessary sleep options enabled. It also enables a lot of filesystems, etc. Should work on any distro. You need opportunistic sleep and wakelocks I think. I'm working on a simpler daemon for desktop distros to manage crust instead of repowerd.
Finally i compiled from source all kernel, but thank you so much for the info

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