Screen won't shut off when fully closed
you have to suspend to mem. disk/hibernate does not work.
xmixahlxyou have to suspend to mem. disk/hibernate does not work.

Yes, I read that hibernate is not working at all :'(
I have configured my sleep.conf with AllowSuspend=yes and SuspendState=mem
My mem_sleep is s2idle [deep]
But still is is not working properly.
I will try to have a closer look to your pb-tools solution
I have adequate suspend, manjaro 19 updated
if I dmesg |grep idle, nothing relevant shows
dmesg |grep suspend shows many references to "suspend 3"
I have the edits in sleep.conf, not the edit in login.conf
(AllowSuspend=yes is commented)
pwr button still brings up shutdown choice menu
Arrrf My Bad, I should have remember what my Mom told me : "Check the log first" ...

PM: Device f8000000.pcie failed to suspend noirq: error -110

When I disconnect it, suspend works perfectly.
Thanks for all the help
I was seeing the same kind of thing here. I configured my PBP to shut off the screen when the lid is closed. If I close the lid quickly the screen never turns off. However, if I close it slowly and leave a 1cm gap (finger gap) at the top then the magnet seems to be read by the sensor and the screen goes off. If I allow it to close completely then the screen comes back on as if it senses that the lid is opened again.

I tried with a small neodymium magnet beside the backspace key and it was very reliably turning off/on again. So, as a hack I taped the neodymium magnet with some electrical tape to the edge of the screen near where the stock magnet is located most likely. It sticks to the other magnet. Now the screen reliably goes goes off and on when opening / closing the lid.

I noticed that the neodymium magnet needed to be a little lower than where it was sticking to the other magnet. Maybe .5cm or so. So, maybe there's a slight misalignment of the magnet from the factory?

.jpg   2020-09-04_09:48:57.jpg (Size: 91.58 KB / Downloads: 189)

Hello everyone I just wanted to provide some additional insight to this issue by cross-referencing a post I made in a different thread after doing a bit of digging and troubleshooting. In that post you can see several (not very good) photos of the components in question. I have also added my findings to the Pinebook Pro Troubleshooting Guide, with step-by-step instructions updated for clarity.

I hope this helps some of you with your lid-closed sleep issues.

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