About the next ARM-based macbook....
I have a bunch of Windows laptops, which for the most part are totally reliable.
They have a major upgrade every year or so which has often caused me problems though. For example one of the updates killed my second hard drive which was in a media bay caddy thing on my Dell D630. Microsoft never fixed that one.
There was also the issue that when Windows 10 first came out it was ok on a mechanical HD but now it's unusable without an SSD drive.

I have a Macbook pro 17 which needed a new GPU to be soldered on, and also it when Mojave came out offered to upgrade itself and then couldn't run Mojave, so this caused me to have to totally reinstall, upgrade to High Sierra and then ignore the Mojave offer.
So, despite it having an i7, 8G RAM, a GPU and an SSD it won't run Mojave or Catalina.

So overall the Macbook has been the biggest pain in the arse and having a GPU desolder itself is not something I can fix myself and now it won't even run the current version.

Next I have a bunch of Dell and Lenovo laptops, and a desktop mostly running Debian and the PBP running Manjaro.
I think that these are actually the most reliable. They basically "just work".

Just to be clear I still most use Windows 10, because I like it. The mouse seems the smoothest and the fonts nicest in Windows. It just seems to look and feel right, right out of the box, and most of my customers are on Windows 10 too.

But if I had to say that one "sucked", it would be my Macbook Pro 17. I don't even like the OS much. Coming from Windows I just find it too weird. Linux and Windows seem much more similar (for example mouse with only one button, horrible).

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