About the next ARM-based macbook....
Personally I hate Apple stuff, except for my old iPod Nano which has nice sound quality and integrates with my car.
Apple were quite clever to put a serial interface on the dock connector.

However I have to have some sort of Apple capability because I have customers with Macs and I have to support them.

I started by borrowing a friends Macbook years ago.
Then I converted a Dell D630 to run OSX and that is still what I develop on.
I use freepascal + fpgui and currently Mac customers have to use xquartz X server.
Then someone discarded a Macbook Pro 17 inch because the GPU unsoldered itself.  I paid £180 to get a new GPU soldered on and that has served me well.
I am currently developing a native cocoa interface to fpgui on that.

The macbook pro despite having an i7, 8 gig RAM and a GPU is apparently not good enough for Mojave or Catalina which I think is extremely disingenuous of Apple.

So how does this link to the Pinebook Pro?

I am hoping that if I can get native support working in freepascal/fpgui and also everything in my software working on Arm 64 bit Linux then maybe if I then recompile my Arm code to Cocoa then it might just work on the new ARM Macs even if I don't have one.

There is no guarantee that xquartz will supported on the ARM Macs but if Apple at least maintain the Cocoa API and don't change it too much then maybe I'll be in luck.

What would be really cool if someone could do it would be to implement an open source Cocoa server that could be run on Linux or Windows so that folks could run Mac OS software on a non mac and also developers like me could test their software without having a Mac.

There is something called cocotron but I haven't looked into it yet.

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