About the next ARM-based macbook....
Quote:Fundamentally, Windows for ARM won't run on much Microsoft doesn't deliberately support. It's far harder to get it working on random hardware, because while most x86 PCs look generally alike from the perspective of an operating system, the same isn't true of ARM. I won't call it a total mess now that we have device tree support in the kernel, but... compared to x86, it's really quite tricky.
if ARM processors on the market suggested benefits for using them by PC manufacturers (these CPUs cannot be apple ones Big Grin), then nothing would prevent them from making ARM PCs happen. ARM based platforms aren't inherently "messier", than x86, it's a matter of providing what unifies them - ACPI/UEFI on the FW side. of course, it's not harder on ARM, than doing this for x86. and on the OS support side - again, the same, just write Windows drivers. the benefits of having ARM based laptops/motherboards could be 1) cheaper 2) more power efficient (there are people that value this. thankfully) and 3) less dependency (questionable but who knows). if this hasn't happenned yet, that means ARM CPU are yet too power efficient, Big Grin meaning they are weak for running desktop bloat applications (like chrome and co) and PC vendors realize, that an average user wouldn't tolerate this lag. but ARM is moving towards upping their CPUs computational power, still remaining good at efficiency in power consumption. So, I believe at some point ARM laptops and PCs would be much common. and they mostly will run Windows. this is interesting, unlike apple arm cpu nobody can buy and make a product with.
in short, not lack of unification is a preventer for ARM to get some PC share, but being incapable (yet) to suggest something interesting and attractive to the end user. this is cannot be being ARM per se. Big Grin nor gnu/religion (remember, it's about normal people Big Grin). it should be something like "wow, it's so much cheaper, but almost as fast as my intel/amd laptop". or "I have my PC quiet now, it doesn't produce noise drawing me crazy for so many years, because this guy is fanless! but still does its job well without overheating!"
ANT - my hobby OS for x86 and ARM.

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