About the next ARM-based macbook....
well, it's funny. apple never made OSX or how they call it a standalone product. it's only meant to run on their hardware, and it's much easier for them to support. it's their choice and noone can blame them for this. but what looks really ugly - they make running other OSs on their HW either impossible or much harder. this is really a practice that should be punishable, because it's a clearly anticompetitive practice.
so no, you won't be able to run macos on pinebook pro or anything except apple's hw.

what's more realistic is getting, at some point, Windows support. if you are not a hopeless zealot and efficiency and productivity are your priorities, then it might be both much more attractive and feasible option for you (for me it is). here, as with PCs, vendors should be a little bit more nimble, - supplying drivers, meaning. MS provides Windows for ARM, WDK for driver development, sooo, it's a matter of those who makes SoCs to get, that having Windows support is a HUUUGE plus for them in addition to ugly android BSPs they spit on.
ANT - my hobby OS for x86 and ARM.

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