About the next ARM-based macbook....
(06-24-2020, 04:20 PM)walterego Wrote: Hello! I recently received a Pinebook pro and I love the aestetichs and the idea of an arm-based laptop. However I see lag of support regarding most Distros that could do wonders in this machine. 
Meanwhile the rumors of a new arm-based Macbook Air are real and I was wondering if somebody would be brave enough to eventually port arm-MacOS to the Pinebook pro. that would be the ultimate Operative System goal IMO. Any thoughts?
That is unlikely for a number of reasons.

AArch64 isn't like x86_64, where the kernel is provided a good idea of the hardware layout by the BIOS/UEFI firmware.

It is probably relatively easy to port UEFI to the PineBook, but the necessary hardware detection components, not so much. I think it's ACPI you need for that.
With Linux, it makes hardware support lag since you need to write device tree files for each ARM system, but at least it can arrive. In macOS, the OS is designed to prevent you from extending hardware support, and I'm sure the necessary hooks are undocumented by Apple.

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