Manjaro 20.06 Step-By-Step Installation Guide
Thank you for this! I got the Sway version of Manjaro on an SD using manjaro-arm-flasher and was able to boot from that, but got some inscrutable Qt error when trying to launch manjaro-arm-flasher after that. I blame Wayland. Anyway, currently struggling with manjaro-arm-installer (I decided to be adventurous and try to enable LUKS full disk encryption), but if that doesn't work I'll be going the dd route like you documented here.

I hope OpenBSD support for the Pinebook Pro continues to improve, because I would much rather be running that. The difficulty finding up to date documentation (and the fact that Manjaro migrated their web forum to some new platform so literally every Google result is a broken link) and dealing with general Linux nonsense is really frustrating!

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