Manjaro 20.06 Step-By-Step Installation Guide
First of all, thank you for this amazing install guide, I've been using the default Debian image for as long as I could, but having such a simple upgrade guide made it impossible to further postpone the eventual upgrade.

Now, I sadly encountered an issue:

I followed the guide step by step, creating the bootable SD card and dd-ing the image to the eMMC. Everything worked and I was able to boot into the fresh install. After some basic setup and some updating I turned off the Pinebook Pro, after which it won't boot again. When turning it on, it shows the expected orange and then green light, after which nothing happens (blackscreen, most likely not a dim screen). Maybe there is something simple that I have missed...

I'd like to thank you for your help in advance!

EDIT: Ok, I found a fix. This is an issue that probably pertains to old Pinebook Pros which had been originally preinstalled with Debian. A switch to Manjaro on eMMC with a single partition layout will cause issues. The fix is described here:

Make sure to apply this fix before attempting to shut off or restart the freshly set-up PBP!

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