Focal Gnome 20.04 no sound?
(06-22-2020, 09:03 PM)65a Wrote: This worked for me based on the above pbp-tools hint and script:

Get and put it into /var/lib/alsa, then run alsactl nrestore
That looks just about what people did here manually: I tried it that way and it worked great, but I am still going to try the above file because when I plug in headphones, the right side is louder then the left side (and no, it isn't just the headphones). On a different note, does sleep work in the Focal Gnome 20.04 build? When I tried to put my Pinebook Pro into sleep, it just put itself into a deep sleep and wouldn't come out of it, forcing me to do a hard reboot. Thanks for the tip!

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