issues with keyboard/trackpad in Manjaro, can't test other OSs
I got mine yesterday and have been having a great time. The worst thing about it in stock form is the touchpad. So I updated the firmware and it got better, but like OP there is this extremely annoying hesitation sometimes. I was able to get a good synaptics profile that brings the touchpad much closer to a Macbook in performance. It outperforms my 2011 MBP when in Linux, so that's saying something. I still get the hesitation randomly. I'm thinking it may have something to do with a cpu governor. If I am working with, say, Firefox that uses some CPU, the touchpad stays responsive, but it's very evident when using terminals during testing. Is cpufreq turning down the polling interval, perhaps?

There seems like there's a frequency/timing issue when calculating movement, which seems like firmware. Whenever the cursor glitches, it seems to always have exaggerated movement, like it thinks your finger moved much faster than it actually did, like it's polling finger location too slow. It seems to slightly be related also with the keyboard, but not quite so badly as the touchpad.

Anyway, I'd love to post my tweaked synaptics file if anyone knows where to paste

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RE: issues with keyboard/trackpad in Manjaro, can't test other OSs - by forthwith - 06-20-2020, 04:10 PM

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