Manjaro - No battery info after plugged in
Just got my Pinebook, basically haven't changed anything from the stock Manjaro that came with it besides updating.

When I plug it in, the battery indicator disappears from the system tray, and the values in the Energy Consumption Statistics menu stops being updated. Even after I unplug it from the charger, the data continues to not update, and I have no way to check battery level. Battery level is set to always show in Configure System Tray. Power settings respond as expected to plugging/unplugging (screen dims when unplugged, brightens when plugged back in).

After a reboot things return to normal.
it seems that the manjaro default os has some problems with plugins, see this thread:
OK, good to know it's at least a known issue and not something I can fix on my own, so I can stop trying to solve it. Thanks.
It was a new bug in latest kde plasma 5.19, Should have been fixed by now but it will take few days to arrive at stable branch.
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I am running Manjaro 20.09 on a PBP I received on Monday. The battery says 0% and thinks it will never finish charging, though it keeps running when I unplug it.

I swapped from USB-C to the barrel connector and it looks like it is charging - but it clearly wasn't at 0% before. Anyone know if Manjaro or something in the circuitry are setup to report the battery lower, if for some reason the charging info is inaccurate with USB-C charging, or if something else is the issue?
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